Farmland Finder

Making farmland information easily accessible


FarmlandFinder was created so that farmers can easily access farmland information. Having owned and operated milk farms for generations,
this issue is near and dear for Steven Brockshus’ and his family.

After some initial struggles with development, Steven partnered with Launch Deck as a co-founding team. In the two years since, FarmlandFinder has used the ~$500k in raised capital to build a suite of tools that’s simplifying the lives of thousands of farmers and ag-industry professionals in 12 states. Steven’s efforts earned him the title of 2019 American Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year.

Make the world’s farmland
information accessible

Branding tailored to agriculture and land lovers.

Our mission was to create a brand for which the feeling was ‘Don’t work for the data, let the data work for you’. The FarmlandFinder colors needed to be harmonious, with easily readable text, and UI elements that were clear and distinct from one another.

An experience of fast information and clear reporting.

More than anything, FarmlandFinder needed to be a web application that did a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes to gather data from third-parties (some private, some public), enhance and refine that data, and then get users access to the data in a simple, fast, intuitive way. An innovative use of our own internal data and process tool, Airtable, allowed FarmlandFinder users to see and use the same data as the internal data team.


Build your first product as quickly and cheaply as possible that provides an actual solution and get it into your customers hands. Don’t waste time, otherwise you hinder your ability to learn the critical lessons you need in order to succeed.”

Steven Brockshus
Founder, FarmlandFinder


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